Floorplan Physical Damage Insurance

Floorplan Physical Damage Insurance

Floorplan Property inventory losses should have no impact on your business insurance policy

We provide coverage for an extensive range of perils, including Collison, Wind, Theft, Fire, Earthquake, Vandalism, Hail, Flood, Overturn, Vermin Infestation, Hail and Tornado.

Floorplan property that is lost or damaged will be valued at the full cost to repair or replace the unit with equipment of like kind and quality at the time of loss or damage. Coverage is applicable until the outstanding balance on the equipment has been paid in full or until it is sold and delivered to the purchaser or lessee, whichever occurs first.

All perils are covered, unless specifically excluded in the policy as issued. Participating dealers are responsible for a low deductible per occurrence.

Service Available for:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Equipment Dealers

The Specialty Equipment Advantage

  • Minimize your Business Insurance Exposure with our Floorplan insurance.
  • Claims paid under this policy should not affect your business insurance package premium.
  • No individual underwriting, no experience rating and few geographical restrictions.
  • Set your business insurance package limit mindful that a portion of your inventory is covered elsewhere.

Contact us today to learn more about our Floorplan program details. Floorplan insurance may have exclusions and limitations. Request a quote and complete coverage details.