Asset Management and Remarketing

Asset Management and Remarketing

The reinvention of asset management

Whether you need lease end management or asset remarketing services, we offer simple, efficient and profitable solutions.

We have the capabilities to handle your lease end management, every step of the way. From customer communications, coordinating the return of the assets to inspections and prep for sales, we allow you to focus on your core functions. We can also transition these units, seamlessly, to our remarketing platform.

Our goal is to improve your bottom line and help you increase your ROI. Our revolutionary asset management technology was developed from the ground up to meet your specifications and needs, in a simple and logical manner. A comprehensive solution that provides an easy and accurate management tool with a clear communication interface.

Service Available for:

  • OEMs
  • Financial Institutions

The Specialty Equipment Advantage

  • We exist solely to assist financial institutions and OEMs that are involved in Agricultural, Construction or Material Handling leasing and financing.
  • We are equipment experts.
  • Our software is easy to use, accurate, communicative and can be private labeled to showcase your brand.

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